“My best mentor has been my own child who is my mirror.”

In episode 40, our newest co-host Sham chats with Patricia Luchetta, a heavyweight from the Luxembourg government who is taking a sabbatical to explore her boundaries, if any. She is taking time off to explore her skills and connect with new people.

“Focus on making the best from the consequences of your decisions.”


Patrizia is the founder of a boutique consultancy doing communications for music and fashion. Pat with her 40 years of experience in companies like Ferrero, joining political parties, spent a substantial part of her career as the Director of New Technologies for the government of Luxembourg. Her biggest achievement was setting up the biomedical life sciences sector for the country. She is now on a sabbatical from her position.

“You don’t necessarily know immediately what you are going to do.”

Show recap:

  • Pat’s journey in her career thus far from an almost typist to one of the highest positions in government.
  • How she faced the challenge of being a woman in a man’s club
  • How she has done well in positions even without the needed background
  • How she created networks of people – especially systematically building networks of women
  • She explains ‘cultural translation’ which is one of her fortes given her immigrant background
  • Her decision to step away from her position, explore her interests, and define her strengths
  • How her decision to do PR for a musician friend (a decision made in 30 seconds) has brought on her current ride
  • Her take on failures and more importantly not taking it personally
  • How it is important to be a mentor to other women


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