“There’s a mistaken belief that confidence is something you have or you don’t have.”

In episode 41, I chat with Sinead Sharkey about her experiences consulting women on career and confidence challenges (including a few tips for our listeners) and what she’s working to achieve with the Women’s Equality Party in Northern Ireland.


In this episode, we discuss:

  • What motivated Sinead to found a consultancy for women and why her clients come for her for advice.
  • A few specific tips she gives women who are held back by their own lack of confidence.
  • How leaders can learn from coaching techniques – guiding people without having the full context on their situation
  • How she got involved in the Women’s Equality Party and why she decided to start the Northern Ireland branch
  • The core issues the Women’s Equality Party is focused on advancing

“Shift your focus from what’s missing to what you have.”

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