She's a Boss Podcast

Bi-weekly podcast featuring inspirational interviews with amazing female leaders.


She’s a Boss Podcast is a bi-weekly audio show created by Becky Bui and co-hosted by Shamala Hinrichsen.  Each episode, Becky and Shamala shine a light on an incredible female leader in order to discuss her successes, her stumbles, key learnings, and practical advice for others.

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Becky Bui is the founder and host of She’s a Boss Podcast. She is also the VP of Strategic Alliances at Social Native and on the Advisory Board for Women in Digital. Prior to joining Social Native in 2017,  she spent six years building teams within the Global Marketing Solutions group at Facebook in both North America and Europe.



Shamala Hinrichsen co hosts She’s a Boss Podcast. When she is not speaking to phenomenal women, she runs a social entrepreneurship working at eradicating hidden hunger. She worked with the Luxembourg government prior to this, leading initiatives to monetize life sciences, clean technology and ICT sectors. She trained as a geneticist and but left the laboratory to pursue a career communicating science and medicine which has led on to more exciting paths!


All She’s a Boss Podcast episodes are available on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, and Soundcloud.


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