“Everything you do, give it the attention it deserves.”

After two incredible seasons and 38 phenomenal guests, I’ve decided that it’s time to expand She’s a Boss podcast in a new way. I’m excited to announce that as of today, my friend Sham Hinrichsen will be co-hosting the podcast and helping bring even more stories from incredible women across the globe. Sham will help add a different perspective to the mix, both with her distance geographically (lives in Dublin and has worked in three different continents) as well as having a different career path from mine (medical communications expertise and now working on a social good start-up.)

In episode 39, I introduce you guys to Sham and we chat about:

  • Why she’s interested in joining forces and contributing to She’s a Boss podcast
  • Her experience moving her family to India for the summer to volunteer for ICRISAT’s SmartFood initiative, mapping the rural healthcare dissemination landscape in India.
  • What’s next for her after her volunteer experience: transition from her consultancy to becoming a social entrepreneur, focusing on malnutrician in pregnant and lactating mothers.
  • Her work founding the Safe Space project in Malaysia

Look for Sham in the interviewer seat in episode #40!