“My attorney said ‘You cannot do this, Gay.’ And I said ‘Watch me. “

For episode 52,  Gay Gaddis and I did a Facebook Live interview at the SXSW Interactive Festival. We discussed her new book, “Cowgirl Power” and the career experiences that taught her the many leadership lessons she shares in the book.

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“If someone calls me authentic, that’s the biggest compliment they could give to me.”


Gay Gaddis is the founder and CEO of T3, an advertising agency headquartered in Austin, TX and one of the largest woman-owned agencies in the US. 

Gay’s work has earned her multiple awards and accolades. She was named one of the “Top 25 Women Business Builders” by Fast Company and listed as one of the “Top 10 Entrepreneurs of the Year” by Inc. Magazine. She contributes regularly to Forbes, as well as Fortune, and this year launched a new book called  Cowgirl Power. Gaddis is a mother of three and with her husband co-owns the historic Double Heart Ranch.

“You need ‘rough riders’ in your life – the people who will shoot straight with you. They can call bullshit on you, they can tell you how great you are”

Show Recap:

During our conversation we covered:

  •  What the term “Cowgirl Power” means to Gay and how she was able to find her own Cowgirl Power.
  • Some qualities of cowgirls that women can find in themselves and leverage in business.
  • What Gay hopes people take away from her book and from the Cowgirl guidebook.
  • The experience leading to quitting her job during a recession and start an agency.
  • A few key fails (and what she learned) as well as a program she is very proud to have built
  • Advice for women in a few situations:
    • How to tackle the tough balance of pursuing a fulfilling career while also starting a family
    • How to compete in a traditionally male-led workforce while staying true to her own strengths and style
    • How to be a fearless leader

I see women doing really well, all the time!


To learn more or to connect with Gay –

  • All things Gay: www.gaygaddis.com
  • Buy her book, Cowgirl Power, at any local or national bookstore
  • Catch her audio book, coming March 20th (read by Gay!)
  • Learn more about her agency: www.t-3.com