“You are not alone in doubting what you can do.”

In episode 51, I chat with Breonna about the her passion for creativity and for helping others heal, how those two things have led her on an incredible journey (putting doubt in the back seat), and what she has learned from saying yes to multiple side projects in addition to her impressive design career.


Breonna is an art director, filmmaker and writer living in New York City. By day, this Emmy nominated Art Director works on UI/UX and Art Direction for the digital properties of Sesame Street both domestically and internationally.

She is also the founder of Zenfulie.com, a platform that provides women with daily tools to create inspired and healthy lifestyles. She has written a weekly column for Vivala.com and was a staff writer for HERMag.co, where she’s interviewed both inspirational and polarizing female voices such as Tomi Lahren and Rasheeda Frost.  Additionally, in 2016 Breonna launched the #minusthedoubt docu-series, about women learning to overcome self-doubt and created a prototype with PBS Digital Labs for the film’s sequel.

“I have always felt passionate about helping other people heal.”

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Show recap:

Breonna and I discussed:

  • Why and how she ended up pursuing so many interesting creative side projects and how they all tie back to her larger passion for helping people.

“I believe we heal when we know other people are going through it too. Once I started to hear the stories of what other people were going through, I found a lot of courage.”

  • How hearing others story of pain and vulnerability has given her courage and driven her to share her own vulnerabilities.
  • What it’s like to work at Sesame Street and how her creative side projects have taught her how to take a backseat to so many other talented people at Sesame Street.
  • What inspired her to start blogging, why she launched it quietly, and how she decided to pivot the direction after five years to create more bandwidth in her life.

“I figured if I just did the two things I love (being creative and encouraging people), I would be really happy.”

  • Her experience in creating the documentary, #minusthedoubt. The key learnings along the way, often coming from a series of failures in the process.

“You don’t actually know how to do something, but you know you want to do something. You just ask for help along the way and trusting that you’ll figure out. It’s just trusting you.” 

  • Sneak peak into the product she is working on, which is an activity-based app intended to help people move their anxious feelings faster. More to share in June.
  • What it was like to interview Tomi Lahren for HERMAG.

“Honestly, I did find [Tomi Lahren] to be lovely. I just felt like she could have benefited from coming to the BBQ a few times.”

  • Her advice for listeners:

“[Reaching the goal] usually takes more time that you like, but it never takes as long as you fear.”

“Make time for the things that are really special, it makes the entire journey beautiful.”

Learn more about Breonna:

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