This episode Heide Smith shares with me some of her fascinating life experiences, including what it was like to grow up in Nazi Germany, her dad being a prisoner of war in Siberia, and about how she learned about the Holocaust for the first time as a young adult after she moved with her family to the United States.

I originally recorded this conversation with Heide, who is my sister-in-law’s mother-in-law, because when I hear stories from generations before mine, I want to capture them. I plan to record more of these types of stories and share them occasionally on She’s a Boss Podcast.

You can listen to this episode below or using your favorite podcast player.

Heide and Wilson’s wedding in 1961.
Heide on Christmas Day in 1942.


Brother Manfred Segewitz, Grandmother Karoline Fuchs Gleissner, Heide Segewitz
Father Willi Segewitz, Mother Elisabetha Gleissner Segewitz
Maternal grandparents Karoline Fuchs Gleissner and Karl Gleissner (wedding portrait.) 


Paternal grandparents Josephine Kraft Segewitz and Andreas Segewitz.