Kim is the founder and CEO of Social News Desk, a leading creator and provider of social media management tools for newsrooms and media organizations. Before founding Social News Desk, Kim spent more than 10 years working in television newsrooms, beginning her career as an assistant to Dan Rather at CBS News and going on to become Executive Producer of News at WJXT-TV in Jacksonville, FL.

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In episode 32 Kim discusses:

  • What Social News Desk is and how it helps newsrooms.
  • The moment she recognized the power of social media and how it would shape how newsrooms gather and distribute information.

“At the time I realized it was going to be a big mess.”

  •  Taking the idea for Social News Desk from concept to prototype to market-ready prototype.

“That taught me the iteration process in software. You just need a place to start the conversation and from there the growth is much easier.”

  • The early days of pouring money in and woking very hard to get their first customers.
  • Working with a co-founder.

“Having someone who goes through the journey with you makes the hard times easier and the great times better.”

  • Bootstrapping until acquisition, looking for investors, and being acquired.
  • Memorable moments which validated what they were doing with the company.
  • Hard moments including one particularly painful fail.

“It was so frustrating  to have something happen with a business I had worked so hard for and not be able to fix it.”

  • Being a non-technical founder of a software company.

“I’ve come to appreciate and like the fact that I’m not an engineer, because it has been an asset to me.”

  • Why listening to others has been a critical component of her success.

“If you can always listen and really respect what you hear, that will be the best guide to success in the future.”

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