“We have one life so we have to enjoy it.”

In episode 28 I chat LIVE with Cara Caulkins  from SXSW in Austin, TX. We discuss  her path to founding her PR firm, Cara Caulkins Communications, the exciting and scary moments, and how her personal passions for travel and yoga have shaped her approach to work.

Show Notes

  • Starting her firm
    • Started working in PR in NYC, relocated to Austin. Wanted to work with more local brands, started working freelance.
    • Turned into a full-blown business, with lots of support from the Austin community.
    • Works on brands she’s passionate about in the lifestyle space

“You have to be passionate about what you’re talking about and who you’re supporting [in PR,] because that’s the only way it will be authentic.”

  • Traveling – took time off, traveled six months, ended up living in Chile for awhile. When she returned, she realized she couldn’t go back to corporate America a strict office environment.
    • Meet Plan Go – group in NYC to help people take a career break
  • Memorable moments since starting the firm
    • Hiring the first employee
    • Moving into an office space
    • These have been pivotal moments where it becomes real.

“It’s scary…but that’s the only way you’re going to grow.”

  • Oh shit moments / learnings
    • Memorable moments were also scary
    • There’s no guarantee of future work – always have to be on your toes
    • Works all the time, but it doesn’t feel like work.

“Patience is hard. It’s definitely something I’m working on.”

  • Her passion for PR
    • This business is about connections and relationships, which is one reason she likes it so much.
    • Had an amazing internship after college – amazing mentors, working on cool brands, led her on this path right away

“What you should be doing is finding those personal passions and determining how you make it your business or bring it into your business”

  • Yoga
    • It’s all about balance. Tries to balance work with wellness, mindfulness in order to be a balanced person
    • Did teacher training to dive in deeper. Yoga learnings help her daily in life.
  • Advice
    • Find some amazing mentors – both that you interact with, or who you aspire to be like
    • Explore your passions and figure out how to make that a business.
    • “We have one life so we have to enjoy it.”