Learn how to slow down and be present with yourself.

In episode 27, Joan describes her work as a mindset mentor, explains how emotions are tied to behaviors and eventually our financial health, and why she believes we need to stop rushing and be more present.

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Joan Sotkin is a Prosperity and Mindset Mentor and the Founder of a company called Prosperity Place, where she deals with the emotions associated to financial success. She is THE expert when it comes to understanding how emotions learned in early childhood can affect a person’s earning capacity as an adult. Joan is the author of the award winning book ‘Build Your Money Muscles’ recently released her second book ‘The Search for Connection: A Spiritual Journey to Physical, Emotional and Financial Health.’

Show notes:

Becoming Prosperity and Mindset Mentor

You’re creating your life as a result of the decisions you make.

  • People forget that business and finances are an extension of who they are.
  • Was a mess in the 70’s and started exploring why. Had never really learned money management. Started meditating. Uses her experiences to teach others.

Learnings from her journey

There’s always something down the road if you don’t perceive that there’s an end.

  • Learned to trust that intuition
  • Things always happen in cycles – need to go through the downs without fear.
  • We often misinterpret fear for actual danger. Worrying is not good for health.
  • Advises clients not to go through yellow lights – people are always in a rush space.

Relationship between childhood emotions and how we manage money as adults

It’s our feelings, our emotions, that determine our life outcomes.

  • Every decision has a tie to emotions. Decisions drive behaviors, which lead to life outcomes.
  • Emotions are learned in early childhood.
  • For example, lack of bonding at an early age can lead to feelings of longing which are later attached to money and make a person feel a constant longing for more money
  • When you recognize the emotion and when you tend you feel it, you can start to develop new emotional habits

People are in a state of stress all the time because they haven’t learned to follow their own inner guidance.

On her brothers’ financial success when she was having financial hardships

I observed that it was better to be a boy than a girl

  • Expectations for a girl were very different than the boys – was set down a different path. Father and brothers were very dominant, while mother was not.
  • Watched feminist movement but wasn’t sure how to do it
  • “There was no internet until I was in my sixties!”

    To me, it’s a decision not to get old.


Coaching and courses

  • Does individual coaching as well as courses with group collaboration
  • Seeing more young people come to her for coaching
  •  It’s difficult to look inside and find your core issues by yourself.
  • If you tell me what’s going on with your money I can tell you what’s going on emotionally.”
  • Young people are more willing and able to understand the emotional piece – this is taught more openly now

You don’t have to follow rules. I’ve always been my own person and I think that’s the healthiest thing you can do.


Final advice:

Learn how to slow down and be present with yourself.