“This brand isn’t just an alcohol brand. It’s my name, it’s my family, it’s my history.”

In episode 58, Becky chats with Flo Vinger about her experience founding VING Vodka, including what inspired her to start a vodka brand after an impressive career in the entertainment industry, what it was like when a Buzzfeed video featuring the brand generated over 9.5 million views, and about Flo’s personal philosophies on topics like fear, leadership, and comparison.


Flo is the Founder of VING Vodka. VING is the cleanest and smoothest, organic, gluten–sugar free, histamine-sulfite non-detectable, first ever award winning Organic Kale, Lemon Peel and Cucumber Vodka and Farm Fresh Corn Vodka for the wellness lifestyle. You may know VING Vodka from a Buzzfeed video that had 8.4M views.
Flo has also had a successful career in the entertainment industry. She is is an award-winning Writer, Director, Editor and Actor with several of her tunes placed in popular TV shows. You can see her in an American Express Commercial, Michael Jackson’s “Behind The Mask”, or Radio Head’s “Street Sprit” music video. She also worked with comedy legend Joan Rivers on “Joan Knows Best” as the lead editor and on popular shows such as “Drew Carey’s Improv-a-ganza”, “Fear Factor”, “Big Brother”, “Battle for Ozzfest” (Ozzy Ozbourne) and “The Worlds Fair” (President Obama, Hilary Clinton). Most recently, Flo created, directed, and executive produced a new pilot called “The LA Spinstress.”

Show notes:

In this episode, Flo and Becky discuss:

  • How VING vodka was born from Flo’s interest in better understanding alcohol and wanting something that aligned with the wellness lifestyle.
  • The way Flo figured out how to formulate the initial version, get distribution partners, and continue perfecting the recipe over four years.
  • How Buzzfeed found VING Vodka and decided to make a video about it, plus the impact the viral video had on VING’s growth.
  • Why starting a business has been surprisingly intense, even after the hard work involved in show business
  • Flo’s perspective on building something bigger than an alcohol brand.

“I want to give back and be part of the conversation in a way that is productive and positive. My company is a way for me to do that.”

  • What her career path looked like before VING Vodka – from getting her start in professional dancing and how that evolved into acting, writing and directing.

“At some point in my life all of these things have got to come together and make sense.”

  • Her thoughts on fear and failure, and why she goes all in on everything she does.

“If I’m gonna fail, I’m going to fall right flat on my face. And then I’m going to learn from it.

  • Multiple reasons why she advises women not to compare themselves to other women or men.

“It’s great to want to be fierce. But be YOU and be fierce.”

  • How Americans’ relationships with alcohol have evolved over time, and how Flo and Becky have experienced different types of alcohol over the years.

Learn More:

VING Vodka website

Email: info@vingvodka.com for questions about the vodka.

Note: Please see your doctor with questions around alcohol allergies.


“Who the hell are you? Isn’t that the question we all ask ourselves?”