“When you get hit, you gotta get right back up and get to work.”
In episode 56, I chat with two amazing women: Sharon Benyaminy and Allie Heumann from Two Gypsea Souls. We discuss how these lifelong friends took their passion for fashion and music and turned it into a fashion line, how they were discovered and grew organically, and the lessons they have learned to-date about the importance of support systems and believing in yourself.
Teachers by trade, Sharon and Allie combined their creative minds, flair for fashion, and love for music to create Two Gypsea Souls: unique upcycled vintage handmade fashion. Their line  has been featured on The View, in Vogue and In Touch Weekly, was featured in New York Fashion Week, and has been worn by celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Josh Duhamel, Corey Feldman, and Adina Porter.
Show Recap:
  • Lifelong friends, their moms grew up together and they were born 24 days apart.
  • What the line is about: up cycled wearable art – flannels, denim, vegan leather, with hand-made music-themed art.
“It was a hobby that ran wild with itself”
  • How the hobby became a fashion line by being discovered on the beach.
  • How Instagram and “the power of the hashtag” resulted in them being featured as one of Whoopi’s Favorite Things on The View, then the Grammy’s, LA Fashion Week / NYC Fashion Week, being featured on Teen Mom, and then from there the celebrity client list grew.


  • The learning process for putting on their own show – scouting models, planning music, hairstyles, etc.
  • How their very strong friendship and partnership has been the backbone of the business.
“We are a dynamic duo, we are the best of friends….and we want to pull each other’s hair out.”
  • Learning how to listen to customer input to determine what clientele wanted vs what they personally would wear.
  • How losing a huge shipment of product before a big event taught them that their passion and their hustle could help them get past anything.
“We’re learning from our mistakes and thats what makes us better each day.”
  • Their advice for listeners:
“If you believe in yourself there’s nothing you can’t accomplish.”