“I pushed myself to where I thought it was impossible. And then I pushed further.”

In episode 54, Becky chats with Michelle about her experience founding her company, PrepU, when she couldn’t fine the right personal care products for her young boys. We discuss her journey in launching the company, as well as the many learnings from Michelle’s career path as a designer and an entrepreneur prior to this endeavor.


Michelle Houp is the founder of Prep U, a company inspired by her two “stinky boys” and which offers a suite of safe, effective and age appropriate personal care products, designed specifically for boys on the move.

Michelle is also the Founder of Creative Tonic, an award-winning brand innovation firm. She has 18 years of experience crafting design solutions for brands like Target, SC Johnson, PepsiCo, Purina, and Nestle and has had the honor of receiving 9 U.S. patents for unique retail and packaging designs.

Show Notes:

“I wasn’t satisfied with the options, so I just created my own.”

  • How finding nothing in the search for personal care products for her young boys led her to solve the problem herself.
  • The process she went through to bring the brand, product, and company to life.
  • The role friends played in helping test and provide feedback.
  • The experience pulling together her expertise while also learning some completely new skills along the way.

“There are learning curves that I was just not prepared for. But I love to learn.”

  • What is next for the company, including online retail and brick and mortar expansion as well as new product roll-outs.
  • How she has handled the conversation around personal hygiene with her boys.
  • Her “sliding door moment” in her path from designer to entrepreneur.

“I didn’t even know what an entrepreneur was when I was growing up.

  • A recent mistake that ended up delaying the company launch.
  • What it’s like when you see your ideas and hard work come to life in the form of a product that did not exist before.

“That moment where you realize you just created something from nothing. Once you have it, it’s contagious.”

  • Her advice for others considering following her footsteps in launching a product and her career leadership learnings.
“Surrounded yourself with people who are smarter than you.”
Learn More
  • www.prepuproducts.com – learn about company story and products.
    • Products will be on Amazon in April.
  • Follow @prepuproducts on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Email info@prepuproducts.com to learn more about sampling events in Austin, TX.