“I’m a sucker for a problem. I love a good problem”

In episode 49, I chatted with Sara about how her pursuit of interesting trends and problems shaped her career path, why she wishes we would stop putting people on pedestals, and the many learnings she has picked up along the way through a combination of trial and error as well as a focus on her North Star.


Sara Holoubek is the CEO and founder of Luminary Labs, a consultancy that develops strategies and innovation systems to help Fortune 500, government, and nonprofit organizations thrive in the face of change. She is also an active early stage investor.

Some of Sara’s advisory roles have included serving on the inaugural RWJF Pioneer Fund Advisory Group, on the Aspen Health Innovation Project Planning Committee, and as the chair of the Step Up National Board of Directors.

Sara has been widely quoted in publications such as Fast Company, The Washington Post and WSJ.com, has been recognized by LinkedIn as a 2017 Top Voice in Technology, by Mashable as a female founder to watch, and by SmartCEO magazine as a 2017 New York Brava award winner.

“The desire to build came much later than most entrepreneurs today.”

Show notes:

  • The key moments where she followed interesting problems and took big leaps in faith to take her career in slightly different direction.
  • Her popular post on LinkedIn regarding not following the perfect example of someone else’s style – why she think we should stop putting people on pedestals, and why one must find their own North Star.
  • The evolution of her style over time and the aha moments along the way where she learned from mistakes and grew.
  • Some of the key learnings she has picked up along the way – from the importance of asking good questions (rather than having all the answers) to the art of nurturing talent.


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