“I asked myself the question: ‘Would I rather regret having done this or having not done this?'”

In episode 45 I chat with Sara Rodell about starting her company, Loop & Tie, her path to entrepreneurship (including a major pivot), and the learnings she has picked up along the way.


Sara is the Founder and CEO of Loop & Tie, a digital gift-giving startup and recent winner of Dreampitch 2017. Sara originally founded Next One’s On Me, a consumer-focused gifting app, before pivoting the company’s focus to corporate gifting and forming Loop & Tie.  Prior to the start-up life, she was working in NYC at UBS as broker in institutional equity sales.


In this episode, we discuss:

  • More about Loop & Tie and how it is built around the idea of gifting choice. “Choice allows us to create a personalized experience at scale.”
  • How Sara decide to make the leap into entrepreneurship and why she’s glad she wasn’t aware of all the challenges before making the decision.
  • How she turned the failure of the Next One’s On Me concept into a new path forward by asking herself hard questions, identifying the right pivot, and ensuring her investors were on board.
  • The advice she wish she would have listened to at the beginning and the advice she’s glad she ignored.
  • Learnings on how to be a strong leader while building a company.

“One of the things I love about being in the startup space, you get a really clean slate when it comes to company culture… you can create an opportunity for someone to be their best, happiest self while also building a profitable company.” 

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