“There’s a lot of pressure out there for us to be perfect wives, to look perfect, to be successful career women, but the reality is that we’re all just trying to do our best.. and that’s good enough.”

In episode 30 I chat with Nuala Murphy about how her company is using tech to tackle maternal mental health challenges, how her involvement with LeanIn.org has impacted her life, and why focus is so importance in her pursuit of balance.


Nuala is the Founder & CEO of Moment Health, where she’s bringing to market the world’s first digital service to screen for antenatal & post natal depression and associated anxieties. She’s also a regional leader for the LeanIn.org, having established the Lean In Belfast chapter and recently the Lean In Ireland chapter. Recently the Irish Times said Nuala is “rapidly developing a reputation as one of the next generation of female business leaders in the North.” (the North meaning Northern Ireland) and today Nuala was chosen for the 2017 40 under 40 NI list.

Show Notes

Moment Health

“13% of families experience suicide from post-natal depression.”

  • 10% of women suffer from some sort of perinatal mood disporder
  • There’s a sever stigma around mental health, never mind perinatal health at a time when you’re expected to be happy.
  • When you’re not screened or don’t identify a problem in pregnancy, symptoms can get worse.
  • Nuala formed the company to tackle this problem.

Why form a tech company and focus on this problem

  • Her background is in tech,
  • Had anxiety during her first pregnancy but was lucky to have early intervention from doctors.
  • The more research she did on the statistics the more she realized how big the problem was and started using her tech experience to plan a solution.
  • Starting by bringing a mobile application into the hands of moms – symptom checks, connect with other moms, find fact-based information to help.

Founding the Leanin.org Belfast chapter

  • Read the book Lean In.
  • Had experienced gender bias in the workplace, but reading the book made her realize that lots of women are affected by it.
  • Decided to set up a circle for women to support each other.
  • First meeting was only four people. It grew by word of mouth to 100 in the first year. Now about 1,000 members.
  • Last year was invited to become a regional leader for LeanIn.org
  • End of last year started working with Allstate on the #AllTogetherNI campaign

“What I am most proud is when I hear the story of how being a part of the circle has impacted a members life.”


How LeanIn has affected her

  • I find my confidence, my drive, people who support my ambition.

“I would not have been to sit opposite a table of investors, able to pitch a company idea and be successful!

Finding Balance

  • Was involved in a lot more, but had to resign from a few things.
  • Expanded Lean In leadership team so different people are contributing
  • Moment Health – building out team
  • Evenings and weekends and the family
  • 2017 only Moment Health + Lean In + Family (and the gym)
  • You have to do the best you can – some things work and some things don’t.

“You can’t do everything. I needed to learn how to focus.”


  • Find a Lean In circle or a group of like-minded women who will support you
  • If you have an idea, just go for it. It might not work but you’ll learn from it..
  • Try to help others along the way.

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