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Ep.24: Megan Resig, Head Editor of theBERRY

In episode  24, Megan shares her experience joining the family media business, including the highlights and challenges of going from intern to Head Editor of theBERRY

l feel my best when I’m the most nervous.


Megan is Head Editor of theBERRY, a humor site and a “community run by and for women who are trying to figure out what being an adult is all about.” It’s part of Resignation Media and is the sister site to theCHIVE. Resignation Media is a family business founded by Megan’s two brothers, and Megan built theBERRY along with her sister.

Show notes:

Joining the family business

  • Megan got involved a year after the CHIVE began. She was a junior in college.
  • Has worked for the company for seven years.
  • She is the youngest of four siblings who ran the company.
  • Initially they made her the voice of the intern – site was more geared towards college students.

They gave me thick-skin quick by making sure that my head didn’t get too big too quickly.

  • Easy to make the switch to full-time after college. Could focus on more bigger-picture work.


Evolution of her role

  • Used to just be her and her sister, working out of coffee shops from Indiana.

    We were just trying to stay afloat!

  • Weren’t initially sure why the site was still alive, but then started to form a strong organic community.
  • Went from being a blogger, to starting to manage people, now running the Berry and working with lots of different departments.
  • Her sister moved on from the business, so Megan completely took over.
  • Site went from straight photos to editorial a year and a half ago.

Biggest learnings from building BERRY

  • Switching to editorial was a big learning – women consume content differently than men
  • Shift from desktop to mobile – trying to figure out how people will use you through mobile was a big learning.
  • Audience helped us understand what they wanted to see – lots of listening via comments on posts, user content submissions, social media and email

It’s been fun to shape that voice and the way we did it was definitely through listening to our audience.


  • Facebook has been huge – content pops up in NewsFeed
  • Organic growth, word of mouth
  • BERRY Republic – community started hosting meet-ups, raising money for charity, and meeting eachother. This all happened organically.

That was nothing I could have ever imagined to have happened.

Exciting milestones

  • Moving herself from Indiana to Venice Beach to really pursue Berry
  • Moving Resignation Media to Austin, TX
  • Now have over 120 employees

It’s been a bunch of leaps of faith, but it’s also been one heck of an adventure.

Being part of the theCHIVE culture

  • Both sites have grown up over the years – demographic has shifted
  • For both sites we have three H’s – hotness, heart, humor. Hotness can be hot girls, or can be loving yourself, sex and dating tips, etc. Heart is charity aspect.
  • Over time CHIVE brand has shifted from that frat-house mentality.
  • Culture internally empowers women – 2/3 of BERRY team are women, lots of women within Resignation Media.
  • Because of the shifting demographics, now have more female writers for theCHIVE and male writers for theBERRY

What she would be doing if Resignation Media had not come along

  • Working in digital, ecomm, publishing
  • Would love to become a CEO at some point

It’s very liberating to choose your path and hope it works.

Advice for others:

  • Don’t be afraid to speak up – this is her biggest struggle

Being able to empower other women, speak up for yourself, fight for a position you want, and communicate when needed .. it’s so valuable

  • Just jump in and don’t settle for any position that doesn’t make you happy

l feel my best when I’m the most nervous.


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