In episode 22, I chat with Shinjini about her journey from introvert to multi-media personality, how she built her large social media following, and what’s next for her company the Das Media Group.

I’ve faced a fair amount of struggles. What has been consistent is my resilience and ability to move forward with a smile.


Shinjini is the Founder and CEO of the Das Media Group, a digital strategy consulting firm. She’s also a global millennial influencer with a 67K+ social media following, a regular keynote speaker, and a multi-media personality, having contributed to Huffington Post, been profiled by Forbes, and interviewed by ABC, CBS, NBC, INC. Magazine. And the list goes on…

Journey from introvert to professional speaker / multi-media personality

  • Desire to break out had been latent in her for a very long time. Throughout school and early career, she focused on day-to-day that she almost forgot about this desire.
  • Eventually decided she was done with what others wanted her to do.
  • Started in public speaking through speech and debate in high school – started winning and realized this might be her thing.
  • After college, knew she wanted to speak professionally.
  • Got signed to an agency after getting a few speaking/writing opportunities on her own.


Building social media following

People will come back to content that they relate to… that they feel is real.

  • Agency wanted people with somewhat of an established audience, so her social media following helped her get signed.
  • Realized when joining twitter that she needed a voice.
  • Needed to translate her in-person joy and energy to an online medium.
  • Built a very empowering, encouraging voice.
  • Proactively reached out to influencers, authors, speakers, etc. and told them she loved what they do, encouraged them, etc.
  • Two takeways for her: 1. Identify a brand voice 2. Exude happiness.

Advice she gives millennials

  • You have to take time for reflection – spent time reflecting and realized she wasn’t happy in a traditional job.
  • Made a list of what made her happy: 1. Global influence 2. Being in a position to create change 3. Speaking.
  • Be happy – find what makes you come alive.

You have to create the life that you want. The world will not give it to you.

Dealing with negative people

  • Experience as an introvert means she’s comfortable being alone, happy by herself and with herself.
  • People often comment on her ambition and unapologetic confidence – she takes it as a positive thing.
  • She promotes herself to ultimately help and empower other people.
  • Uses joy and happiness to diffuse any negativity.

You will not succeed in this business if you’re not a self-promoter.

Das Media Group

First question “was what am I really good at that could generate revenue?”

  • Content generation in an authentic way was something she realized did well.
  • Built her understanding of social media and brand building by building her personal brand.
  • A lot of small business have no idea how to leverage social.
  • Looking to stay small and specialized on content and social media strategy –huge demand for this.

Starting place for helping businesses with social strategy

  • First need to identify a brand voice. Consumers can’t connect with you without it.
  • Go through very reflective exercises – what are their strengths and not-so-strengths, what makes them unique.
  • Important to avoid always asking for something – consumers don’t want to constantly be sold to.

People and brands need to GIVE… [consumers] need to feel heard, they need to feel appreciated, they need to feel loved.

Thought leadership opportunities

  • Always have to be on if doing public speaking, writing op-eds on various topics, etc.
  • It takes a lot of work to continue feeding yourself knowledge. It’s not revenue-generating, but it is an investment.

My rule is two hours of feeding, one hour of production.

Juggling the many investments in business, speaking, thought-leadership, etc.

I am the sort of person that wants everything.

  • Balancing it all has been a challenge.
  • As the brand grows, expect to grow a team, but at the same time will still be making all of the strategic decisions.
  • Will have to prioritize time based on key strategic goals for the year.
  • In 2017 want to increase digital presence – e.g. more video Q&As.

I do want it all and I’m very aware that I’m signing up for a lot of work.


  • She’s never “off.”
  • Social life has taken a bit of a hit, moreso in the beginning.

Championing substantial women

  • Felt insubstantial at Georgia Tech – decided she didn’t want to feel this way again.
  • I’m all about beauty and fashion but I’ve built that on top of a foundation…Your foundation has to be strong.

  • Women need to be producers, not just consumers.

Advice for others

  • The world is better with women leaders – need to champion strong women.
  • Create a full well-rounded life.